The Distinctives of Christian Education


What distinguishes Christian education from education in general? This is a question which is easily posed and less easily answered. The gulf between the two realms of educational practice, Christian and secular, is vast and multi-faceted. Because of this great divide and diversity, I am going to undertake a series of posts which explore the differences in various ways.

The breakdown of these posts will be as follows:

  1. Educational Paradigms
  2. Christian Thinking
  3. Pragmatic Junkies

The posts will include thoughts as well as recommendations for resources that correspond. They will serve as brief glimpses from a larger project called “The Tension of Thought”. I’d like to officially open this series with one of my favorite quotes relating to this topic.

Like it or not, true biblical education over time will always result in a division between those Christians who build their cultural endeavors on a biblical foundation and who will prosper under God’s cultural blessing, and those Christians who do not, and who remain in the cultural ghetto typified by a modern Christian merchandise shop.  We once built great cathedrals; now we throw gospel Frisbees ~ Douglas Wilson – Repairing the Ruins

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