Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Call to the Sufficiency of God’s Way

I am a sinful man. There is no denying my natural bent towards my own self-exaltation. God has been exposing me for who I truly am under the scrupulous light of who He is. This process has proven painful and paradoxically precious. How often have I doubted the sheer power of God’s grace to accomplish His great […]

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Pragmatic Junkies

The first two posts in this series, Educational Paradigms and Christian Thinking, set the stage for discussing a rising danger within Christianity and Christian education. After addressing the issues raised in those posts, I’d like to take a more concentrated look at a potential pitfall. A great temptation in our American culture is to view […]

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Christian Thinking in Education

Our thoughts are gateways into our souls and so what we think is a clear reflection of who we truly are. If those thoughts are only worth pennies, then surely we have paid the price for being apathetic in our thinking. The necessity of deep thought within Christendom and more specifically within Christian education is […]

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