Redemption from Righteousness (At least our own)

The only thing more damning than our evil is the facade of righteousness we place over it like an hypocritical veneer. I recently finished working through “The Prodigal God” by Tim Keller and must honestly say I have been deeply challenged to look within at my own pride soaked righteousness. Pastors, preachers, deacons, choir members, teachers of God’s word, church members and all christians, please consider the vanity of YOUR righteousness and the value of the Lord Jesus Christ’s. Even as I write this, I must fight my self-righteous instinct to strike out at the prevalent attitudes within the church and humbly let the words of God call me back to depending on the only righteousness that will not shrivel and blow away, His righteousness. So, today I’m asking God to help me be bold and courageous not in correcting others but in waging an internal war to be redeemed from my own damnable good works.(The Prodigal God P. 77) Would you ask the same?

As this redemption from righteousness takes place I find myself not standing in judgment of others but prayerfully inviting them to be redeemed as well. Sin must not be overlooked but neither can others be looked down upon. A careful exploration of the past five minutes will surely reveal that we are unqualified to be the moral arbitrators of humanity.

So, for every slanted eye that looks distastefully at a teenage outcast, every brow that slants in disdain of an immodest outfit and every mouth that sneers at the sound they hear from the car beside them let us be reminded that all our righteousness will lead us to ruin. The good news is that from those ruins we can be resurrected to real righteousness through Christ and so can those we tend to pass judgment upon.

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