Monthly Archives: November 2012

Giving Thanks to an Ungrateful God

Perhaps you find the title alarming. I must confess, I purposefully chose the title to engage the mind and heart to truly ponder the texts which I believe lead to the implied conclusion. At first glance, it may seem intended to strike against God by labeling Him as ungrateful. But, after careful consideration my hope is that we might understand […]

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Uncharted Territory

Election night left me disheartened. I was reminded of the lyrics of a David Gray song that seemed all too applicable in the western world. Now you saw it coming And I saw it coming We all saw it coming But we still bought it” (David Gray – Full Steam) However, despite my disappointment, I […]

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A Musical Reminder…

I was driving to church this morning, as I do every Sunday morning, and the gospel came through my speakers in the form of a song. It deeply impacted me and my prayer is that it will deeply impact many. I’ve heard the song many times before, but it struck me today with relevant clarity. […]

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