A Musical Reminder…

I was driving to church this morning, as I do every Sunday morning, and the gospel came through my speakers in the form of a song. It deeply impacted me and my prayer is that it will deeply impact many. I’ve heard the song many times before, but it struck me today with relevant clarity. The gospel never loses its power.

The message of the song deals with what Brennan Manning would call the impostor. We must all confess that there is a side of ourselves that we present to the public and a side of ourselves that we desperately try to hide. At times, I feel like I’ve mastered the deception so well that a split personality has emerged. However, as we scramble to preserve our image we are actually working to attain righteousness. This is the antithesis to the gospel. In the gospel we are liberated from pretending to be righteous and are made righteous through the cross.

The highlight of the song for me comes near the end where the artist’s own confession is posed as a question to the listener.

I’m not easy with confessions
It’s hard to tell the truth
But I have favored the golden boy
While the other I’ve abused
And he takes it like a man
Though he’s longing like a child
To be loved and forgiven
And share the burden for awhile

So take a good look in the mirror
Tell me who you see
The one who Jesus died for
Or the one you’d rather be
Can you find it in your heart
To show mercy to the one
The Father loved so much
That he gave his only son…”

Take a few minutes and listen to the song, read the lyrics and think about your own life. As you listen, keep in mind Romans 5:1-11. Praise God for the reality of HIS righteousness!

Jason Gray is theologically engaging musician. I commend his albums to you.

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