Monthly Archives: December 2012

Personal Honesty

The depth of my idolatry is difficult for my idolatrous heart to detect. I must pray along with David, “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” Only God’s holy and supernatural revelation can pinpoint the hidden idols buried under my pretensions. How does He do this? First, He […]

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The Honesty of Hurt

How can God allow unthinkable tragedy? This is a question that flies like a banner over the world, yet is tucked away in the dark corner of Christian triteness. Perhaps it is time to learn a language other than the shallow phrases we often throw around. Perhaps it is time to “reach out to God […]

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A Typical Night

The Christmas season is upon us. I’m annually reluctant to “get into the Christmas Spirit;” however, I wouldn’t consider myself a scrooge. God has a way of guiding my mindset into the significance of Christ’s birth in His own time. The tipping point usually involves a different catalyst each year. In years past, sermons, devotions, […]

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