Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Dangers of Christian Education

Blessings can become curses if not understood, cherished, and wielded well. Christian education has no shortage of inherit blessings and potential pitfalls. If we are not intentional in applying Biblical truth and the centrality of the gospel to every facet of Christian education, then cracks can become dangerous canyons. Thankfully, those dangers can be avoided […]

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Mysterious Miracles

Sometimes life hands you mysteries that Sherlock Holmes himself couldn’t solve. It’s during times like this that meaning and purpose seem to elude us. Why is it that mysteries are so mysterious? Perhaps the clues can only be understood when eternity and reasoning collide. This is the time of year that several events which perplexed, […]

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Joyful Slavery

New concepts are always exciting and liberating. Paradoxically, one ancient yet new concept i’ve wrestled with has been particulary liberating. It is the concept of slavery to Christ. When Paul, Peter, James and Jude identify themselves as slaves of Christ, what exactly do they mean? What are the implications of being referred to as slaves of righteousness in Romans […]

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