Mysterious Miracles

ExpectationsSometimes life hands you mysteries that Sherlock Holmes himself couldn’t solve. It’s during times like this that meaning and purpose seem to elude us. Why is it that mysteries are so mysterious? Perhaps the clues can only be understood when eternity and reasoning collide.

This is the time of year that several events which perplexed, pricked and purified my soul are intensely remembered. Remembering the death of two dear friends revives a spectrum of emotions akin to the recent weather in North Carolina. The highs and lows were also matched by the fact that death is such an ultimate reality, which makes it difficult for limited minds to process.

One of those deaths was a student whose influence was unfortunately only truly felt when he was gone. My heart mourns because of my own lack of learning from a child-like faith lived out before my very eyes five days a week. His absence has served to remind me to cherish what is present while it remains as such. His presence with the Lord has served to remind me to cherish His absence in light of His being with Christ.

The loss of one of the dearest friends I knew in this world truly rattled my soul. It was shaken, but not shattered. In each of our lifetimes there is usually one person, or two at the most, who really understands you. They know what makes you laugh and are usually laughing at the same things. They know what makes you tick because chances are that’s what’s ticking inside them. Losing a person like that is like losing a part of yourself because that person was partly responsible for you being who you are. It is not an overstatement to say that because of this friend my spiritual walk has known greater heights and His death has  driven me to a deeper place with my heavenly father. I feel the void but the void is filled with Christ.

All of this begs the question we each feel when encountering our own mysteries: why? The answer to that question rests in the wisdom and power of God to transform mysteries into miracles. Sherlock certainly can’t solve the cases of this life and neither can you or I. The clues we find really aren’t clues that lead to an answer. They are clues that lead to a Savior and a Brother (Hebrews 2:11,17). When the trials of life come our way, we can sense the nearness of Christ and when He is near we can feel the dearness of Christ. These mysterious mysteries we encounter drive us to the revealed mystery which is Christ in us (Colossians 1:26-27). Mysteries and miracles dont seem to go together, but when the hope of Glory is revealed we find that the two might just be closer than we could ever imagine.

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