Giving Thanks to an Ungrateful God

I Always enjoy thinking through this again as we approach Thanksgiving.


Perhaps you find the title alarming. I must confess, I purposefully chose the title to engage the mind and heart to truly ponder the texts which I believe lead to the implied conclusion. At first glance, it may seem intended to strike against God by labeling Him as ungrateful. But, after careful consideration my hope is that we might understand that God’s being ungrateful is the best news in all the world for us. It means He has no need which can be met because He has no need. He has no desires unfulfilled by His own power. If He could offer thanks to anyone for anything, He would cease to be the God from whom all blessings flow. Thankfully, all thanks goes to Him.

Webster’s dictionary defines grateful as “appreciative of benefits received”. This definition doesn’t seem to sync with the attributes of God found in scripture.

Meditate upon Acts 17:22-28

I. God is Self-Sufficient

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