Duck and Cover?


I must confess that I don’t watch Duck Dynasty or any other reality television shows. The stardom that is thrust upon people as the camera rolls is somewhat perplexing; however, the controversy born out of such stardom even more so. Such is the case with the recent “episode” with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Not being a “fan” gives me a less biased perspective on the issue now trending on all social media outlets. There are at least three things we should consider.

1. Fame does not make truth more famous.

Truth is truth whether it is spoken by Phil Robertson, Billy Graham, or the local pastor that is completely off the public’s radar screen. However, the prestige of the person communicating that truth is only proportional to the truth’s weight itself if it is not offensive to the prevalent culture. That is the reality of our fallen world. Derek Webb has a lyric that captures this thought.

Because truth is never sexy, so its not an easy sell

Well you can dress her like the culture

But she’ll shock ’em just as well

Fame does not make truth more famous; actually, truth can cause the famous to lose fame.

2. Speaking against sin will always be offensive.

Why are Christians surprised that people are offended at being called sinners. All believers were once offended by the notion that they were sinners; however, the Holy Spirit moved and began a work of repentance and redemption at salvation.

For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life. (2 Corinthians 2:15-16a)

Christians seem outraged at the outrage against Phil and his comments. Have we forgotten that we are the aroma of Christ? To those who are born again it is a scandalously sweet aroma, but to those who are not it is a scandalously bitter aroma.

3. Our response matters.

Believers should not be surprised at the world’s response towards such a matter, but their response should continue to give off the fragrance of life. As Christians seek to be salt and light, they should tread prayerfully into the hall of social media. Neither anger, resentment, hasty petitions, biased analysis, crude remarks, nor loveless banter contributes to the conversation, advocates for the truth, or gives off the aroma of life.

Phil was asked a question and he answered. He did not duck and cover (pun intended), and neither should we. However, this is not merely an opportunity to stand with Phil, this is an opportunity to stand for Christ and His gospel. So, if you stand, then stand well.

2 Comments on “Duck and Cover?

  1. By all means, tread prayerfully into the realm of social media — and expect that your comments are going to be deliberately misconstrued or twisted, unless they reflect the popular religion of our day. Jesus found it so, too.

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