Monthly Archives: March 2014

Welcome to the new!

I have been blogging for the past two years. After some consideration, I made the decision to upgrade and expand my site and am ever so glad you are checking it out. I thought I’d take a moment and address why I blog, what you’ll find on the site, and how appreciative I am of […]

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Loving with All Our Mind

Christianity has a perceived reputation of ignorance. Such a perception is only based in reality to the degree that we are ignorant. I have no desire for Christians to carry the caricature of a dunce cap. However, I also understand that many issues have not been truly thought through by the average follower of Christ. […]

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Five Common Mindsets to Avoid in Bible Study

God is worth His word being read, interpreted, and applied well. If you doubt that for a moment, then I recommend reading through Psalm 119 in its entirety. Even if you are convinced of God’s worth and the sufficiency of His word you have likely at times, like myself, approached scripture with a faulty perspective. […]

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