Christian Education

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Over the past two years of blogging one of the topics that I’ve written on most, and which has been best received, is Christian education. In light of that I thought it would be wise to organize all those posts. Click on the links below to read more. 

1.How can we contrast the emphases of secular and Christian education?

Educational Paradigms

2. What essential elements must be considered in thinking about Christian education?

Christian Thinking in Education

3. A pragmatic approach to Christian education fails to engage key issues with eternity in mind.

Pragmatic Junkies

4. What are common dangers within Christian education and how can we avoid them?

The Dangers of Christian Education

5. Christian education is idolatrous if not fully and and distinctively Christian in nature.

Education Idolatry

As always, I appreciate honest feedback and enjoy interacting on these weighty topics.

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