Monthly Archives: June 2014

Why I Don’t Wear Calvinism On My Sleeve

Calvinism is an extremely debated theological system that emphasizes the sovereignty of God in salvation. This system explains the means and order of salvation in a biblically faithful manner; however, it is not salvation. As I think about the caricatures that are thrust upon Calvinists, I’m reminded of the wisdom of not wearing Calvinism on […]

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Marketable Christianity

Surely our faith goes deeper than bumper stickers, testa-mints, and family friendly movies. This begs an important question. Can we really get people to buy into what was freely given? The notion that we may have turned the cross of Christ into another product, the house of God into another business, and the people of God […]

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More Than Happy Church Music

Worship is not unilateral. Scripture and reality must not be ignored as Christians seek to glorify God in song, in praise, and in life. Have you ever found yourself wondering why you simply can’t connect in worship the way others seem to? Personally, I have struggled with that feeling during the church’s appointed “worship” time. However, […]

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